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30 May 2018

Summer is playing its game and we are getting irritated as well as enjoying its anger also. So, here is another Mango treat for all of you by Jolly Bisoyi mam☺️, MUAN PITHA!!! Which need no introduction among Odias. It is the quintessential delicacy which symbolizes Raja festival.

Literally, the word Pitha means cake. Muan Pitha is a delicious combination of basic ingredients like rice and lentils, with the sweetness with jaggery, coconut and spiced with ginger, black pepper, and the cardamom, but here I have stuffed Mango instead of coconut.

For the recipe check this link below and get it from her blog.👇
Follow her on Instagram: @jollybisoyi  -  

29 May 2018

This season is all about Summer and the all-time favorite most Odia food Pakhala is here. We welcome Summer with Pakhala on 20th March, which is well known as Pakhala Dibasa. According to our doctors, Torani (water in the rice) is the best use for the Summer.

So, here is the Pakhala with our desi style Saga bhaja (Odia: ଶାଗ) shared by our own doctor Dr. Biswa Ranjan Kar.
On the Plate:
💜 Pakhala
💜 Saga
💜 Salad
💜 Alu Chokha
💜 Sajana Nadi Besara
💜 Potala-Alu Besara

All these items are prepared by Rashmita mam in her kitchen. 

28 May 2018

According to the calendar, the week starts on Sunday but for the students, job holders and especially for the foodies the week starts on Monday. Since the starting day needs more force to go on, the Monday needs more motivations. Haven't you checked the Morning Breakfast blog yet? Then just go and check it out.

The started with some lovely food and the mood became good and the mind got the motivation for the day and if the 1st day would go well, then the week would end happily as the weekend. But, Monday is the veg day for most of us. So, here is the simple and delicious veg food for Monday by Swagatika Behera. But we love to share some desi food with it which was actually shared by Jolly Bisoyi. 

Shared by: Swagatika Behera
And that is Baigani (Odia: ବାଇଗଣୀ) or Crispy Eggplant Fitter. It is a very popular and famous street food snack served with  aloo Tarkari or guguni in Odisha. This snack is best for all sessions goes very well with Tea or Coffee with few pinches of chaat masala powder too. But we might add this item to our veg meal.

Shared by: Jolly Bisoyi

We are thankful to Jolly Bisoyi mam and Swagatika Behera mam for sharing these lovely foods with us. Hope you guys would love this. 

Morning needs motivation and the Monday morning needs huge. And tasty food is the best motivation for anyone. (Except for them, who are on diet) Yes, morning shows the day and the morning breakfast decides the day. That's why never mess with morning breakfast, always make it healthier according to your body and according to your taste.

So here some tasty dishes shared by an Odia Foodie Aseema Puhan. Paratha, the love of every foodie who never cares about oil. Alu-Potala Bhaja, the potato lover who might die without potato would definitely love this. And again for all the potato lovers, Alu chokha, the most favorite dish. And finally, some sweets also needed to make our conversations sweet. So the Simei Khiri is ready for that. After such kind of breakfast, who won't get motivated for the Monday work.

27 May 2018

Previously we have shared some beauties of summer and the tasty summer foods like Mango, Jackfruits, palm fruits (ice apple), etc. But, here another food which is available in summer only, the Dates (Odia Meaning: ଖଜୁରୀ କୋଳି).

Yes, there are available in every season, but you could find this form of the fruits in this season only. You could find lots of benefit of this fruit, but the purest form is best. People are considering this as dry fruits and can be used anywhere but that form is different.

Thanks to Dr. Biswarajan Kar for clicking this snap and sharing with us. 

26 May 2018

This is what I cooked last Tuesday when my cousin visited my place. Tuesday is a vegetarian day at home and also for me.

So what all I cooked were;
❤Chhatu besara (Mushroom in mustard gravy)
❤Poipatra Bara (Malabar spinach leaves)
❤Kalara patra bara (Bitter gourd leaves )
❤Potala bhaja (fried pointed gourd )
❤Aloo bara (Potato cutlets )

PS - Chhena jhilli (a fried chhena based sweet) is store bought. Lemon pickle is homemade. Green chilli and mango are from our garden. ❤

Happy weekend foodies!❤ 

It's weekend and the weekend special morning breakfast blog is ready now with some simple and lovely dishes.

💜Chakuli Pitha (Dosa) and Alu bhaji with a huge cup of tea prepared by Swagatika Behera.
💜Puri and Simei Khiri prepared by Ahalya Pattnaik.

  • This blog is written by Swagatika Behera ana Ahalya Pattnaik.
  • Follow Swagatika on Instagram: @_thefoodiewiththebook_   
  • Follow Ahalya Pattnaik on Instagram: @linaayaa

25 May 2018

Lunching scene!
Homemade food is always drooling! And when I cook pure Odia style cuisine it's sheer happiness!

On my plate:
🧡Steamed rice with Chalha (chanch)
🧡Macha besara (fish cooked in Odia style (with mustard paste)
🧡Chota chingudi bhaja (shrimp fry)
🧡Kadali bhaja (plantain fry)
🧡Kalara chana (Bittergourd fry)
🧡Aloo Tarkari (Aloo sabji)
🧡Salad 😋😋😋😋

On the previous blog, Suji Kakara - ସୂଜି କାକରା, we had a confusion about the name. Since the spear shape is called as Suji Manda (Odia: ସୂଜି ମଣ୍ଡା), but the name changed from places to places. So, in some places, that is called as Kakara and in some places, it's known as Manda.

But, today we have the real Kakara shared by Dr. Rashmi Sir with the all-time favorite Odia food dish Dalma (Odia: ଡାଲମା). As per the variation rule, Kakara should be flat in the shape, so here is that famous Kakara.

When it comes to love and food, nothing can beat our darling mothers.
Learning session!! MIL's recipe "Suji Kakara (Deep Fried Sweet Cake) with Dahi Chhena & Coconut Stuffing"
I really don't understand the meaning of a sarcastic statement "Jibanata kakera heigala" (Odia: ଜୀବନଟା କାକରା ହେଇଗଲା)😂😂😂😁 (Life has become Kakara)
Kakara is not that bad. ☺
A perfect combination of ghee, sweet Jaggery, spicy black pepper, edible camphor, juicy coconut, aromatic cardamom stuffing & semolina dough.

24 May 2018

Moring is the best time of refreshment. After a good sleep, when we wake up, the body, mind all have refreshed for a new beginning. As per someone, the Morning shows the day and if the starting would good, then the day must be good. So, in the morning, we need all the good things for a good mood for the day. 

People like us always love to eat and we eat in every situation like happy, sad, etc. So the morning breakfast should be better one, so the day would start with happiness. Here is the morning breakfast shared by Usha mam, a food lover, cook. For this morning breakfast, she prepared the Poha and some tea. Tea would definitely refresh you at any moment. 

23 May 2018

Summer has it's unique creaze about foods. It comes with delicious foods like Mango, Jackfruits, Plam Fruits, etc. Previously, we have shared some interesting facts, foods about summer. Even we have shared some mangos for the Summer food category. But here is a different type of Mango which is known as Baiganapalli or Baiganapalei Ambha (Mango). This mango is little round shape and looks yellow in color. 

There are different types of Mangos, but this is the most famous mango for the Rajaparaba. In Odisha, the shopkeepers also prefer this kind of mangos in this season. And yes, the size of this mango is also bigger as compared to other flavors. This snap is taken by Suman, an Odia foodie from Bhubhaneswar.

Chakuli, an Odia food which has different forms in different states. Yes, this food has its unique taste in different states. The taste varies from places to places and the shape also varies. In Odia, we call it as Chakuli Pitha (Odia: ଚକୁଳି ପିଠା).

This dish is famous as the morning breakfast and people used to prepare this food for some special puja occasions at home like Rajaparba, Prathamastami, etc. But, today there is no such special occasions. It's prepared as the morning breakfast by Swagatika, a foodie, a chef from Odisha.

22 May 2018

Suji Kakara (Odia: ସୁଜି କାକରା), is an Odia food item mainly eaten as morning breakfast as well as evening snacks. Different places of Odisha is famous from different types of Kakara. Some people called this as Kakera (କାକେରା). 

This snap is shared by Sulochana Mam from the Sulochana's Kitchen. As per her, she loves to prepare different types of Odia food dishes and loves to feed others. You could get lots of food dishes on her Instagram TimeLine.

21 May 2018

Previously, we have shared the beauty of Summer, different types of foods available in summer only, and now we are going to share another dish which was available in summer only. But, now-a-days it's available in all seasons. But the actual season of this food is summer. It's the Mango Juice. Yes, summer is the season of Mango, so all the mango related items are available in the summer only.

But, people preserve these items for all the seasons. That's why the mango juice is now available in all seasons, but they couldn't preserve the actual taste, flavor for all the seasons. This photo is captured by Sheetal Mishra.

20 May 2018

It’s difficult to get the Odia out of me despite having stayed in Odisha for only 4 years during my engineering days. On Sundays, the breakfast at the hostel used to be idlis and was always accompanied with chutney and ‘GHUGUNI’! I always wondered; why this weird combination 🤔(having stayed in the south for a long time, where does ghuguni come into the picture 🙄) .. Bur gradually I developed a taste for it and now it’s a compulsory condiment with Idlis and Vadas at my place😊😊

My weekend breakfast today -
🌸Coconut chutney.
🌸Ghuguni with green chilly.

Have a happy weekend all of you!.

19 May 2018

Poda Pitha (Odia: ପୋଡ଼ ପିଠା) is a delicious Odia sweet delicacy served as snacks. It is the Godfather of Pithas in Odisha. The simplest recipe would probably consist of rice and lentil batter, jaggery or sugar, grated coconut and cardamom powder. I have kept the quantities unspecified since it would depend on the amount of batter that you have. The proportion of rice and lentil is 3:1, here I have used jaggery you can add sugar also.

Poda Pitha is the main dish of Raja Sankranti and Makara Sankranti. This blog is written by Jolly Bisoyi, a food blogger, cook, recipe developer, photographer and a proud Odia. She had prepared this yummy dish and shared these snaps with us.

You could get the recipe for this dish on her blog:

Summer has its unique attraction from love to hate. We love summer for some lovely foods like Plam fruits, Mangos, Jackfruits etc. And there is another fruit (which means Phala or ଫଳ and the Odia meaning of Result is Phala or ଫଳ) in summer is exam results which is good for someone and worst for someone. But the natural fruits are always lovely for everyone.

Here is the palm fruit shared by Ahalya Pattnaik. Previously, we have shared another photo, but those weren't peeled up. But look at this photo, how lovely these are looking. It shows the best view of this fruit. 

* Check out the Summer Food 3 about this fruit for some more information.

For this 4th part of the Odia Breakfast series, we took this photo from Swetapadma Satpathy. On the plate, there is Bara and Aludum. Previously we have shared about the Dahibara and Aludum, but this is another type of Bara, which is made from dal, that's why at some places, this is known as Dali Bara (Odia: ଡାଲି ବରା). This item can be eaten during morning and evening. People also prepare different types of curries from this kind of Bara.

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