About Gapu Photography


Nowadays everything is available on the Internet. Even we can buy our daily needs through the internet. So, the internet became the main requirement of our life. Everyone can get their required information from the internet. There are more and more things which need to be shared on the internet. So people may get the information about those things. For this purpose, we've started a photography work.

This is the space where we are focusing on different types of photography works like Tourism, Food Photography, the Unseen beauty of our Nature, the Hand-Made items available in our locality for outsiders as well as our traditions and cultures.

​The main goal of our photography is to capture the unseen beauties of nature. Nature has a great beauty which may not available all the time. Especially the different lovely views of Sunset and Sunrise couldn't available for all. So we are trying to capture those unseen beauties for those people who didn't get the chance to see that beauty.

In Odisha, there are a number of tourist places which may attract more tourists. So, we are trying to capture the beauties of those places and attract more tourists to that place. And the people can't get a chance to visit that place, they can get some knowledge about those places.

Our Odia foods have different tastes. We people trying to share those on the internet for the outsiders. Those people who belong to us but don't have any idea about this food can get the information about it.

We need to promote our festivals, traditions, and cultures, so others can attract towards Odisha.