Maa Tarini Brata

Maa Tarini Brata (ମା' ତାରିଣୀ ବ୍ରତ)

Maa Tarini Brata (Odia: ମା' ତାରିଣୀ ବ୍ରତ) is a festival celebrated by women on the next Tuesday (ମଙ୍ଗଳବାର) of Ratha Jatra.

Mangalabara is the Odia synonym for Tuesday, so this is also called Tarini Mangalabara. The other name used in Odisha is Sankata Tarini Brata.

Rituals of Maa Tarini Vrat in Odisha

Even people from West Bengal, Assam, and Bangladesh also celebrate this festival, but the name is a little bit different; It's knowns as Bipadatarini Vrata.

Tarini Brata Osha bidhi and 13 names of Maa Tarini

Thirteen Betel-nut, 13 manda pitha along with fruits are offered to Maa Tarani. 13 knots tied to a red thread with thirteen different names of Maa Tarini. The Tarini Brata book is available in the market, where all the rituals and names of Maa Tarini are mentioned.

Note: All the information are provided by Sanghamitra Mohapatra who had clicked the Brata image also. The Ritual image is taken from Bijay. All the photo rights are reserved for the original photographers.

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