Monday Lunch: Simple Veg Food

According to the calendar, the week starts on Sunday but for the students, job holders and especially for the foodies the week starts on Monday. Since the starting day needs more force to go on, the Monday needs more motivations. Haven't you checked the Morning Breakfast blog yet? Then just go and check it out.

The started with some lovely food and the mood became good and the mind got the motivation for the day and if the 1st day would go well, then the week would end happily as the weekend. But, Monday is the veg day for most of us. So, here is the simple and delicious veg food for Monday by Swagatika Behera. But we love to share some desi food with it which was actually shared by Jolly Bisoyi. 

Shared by: Swagatika Behera
And that is Baigani (Odia: ବାଇଗଣୀ) or Crispy Eggplant Fitter. It is a very popular and famous street food snack served with  aloo Tarkari or guguni in Odisha. This snack is best for all sessions goes very well with Tea or Coffee with few pinches of chaat masala powder too. But we might add this item to our veg meal.

Shared by: Jolly Bisoyi

We are thankful to Jolly Bisoyi mam and Swagatika Behera mam for sharing these lovely foods with us. Hope you guys would love this. 

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