Summer Food 5: Baiganapali Amba (Mango)

Summer has it's unique creaze about foods. It comes with delicious foods like Mango, Jackfruits, Plam Fruits, etc. Previously, we have shared some interesting facts, foods about summer. Even we have shared some mangos for the Summer food category. But here is a different type of Mango which is known as Baiganapalli or Baiganapalei Ambha (Mango). This mango is little round shape and looks yellow in color. 

There are different types of Mangos, but this is the most famous mango for the Rajaparaba. In Odisha, the shopkeepers also prefer this kind of mangos in this season. And yes, the size of this mango is also bigger as compared to other flavors. This snap is taken by Suman, an Odia foodie from Bhubhaneswar.

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