28 May 2018

Monday Motivation: Tasty Breakfast

Morning needs motivation and the Monday morning needs huge. And tasty food is the best motivation for anyone. (Except for them, who are on diet) Yes, morning shows the day and the morning breakfast decides the day. That's why never mess with morning breakfast, always make it healthier according to your body and according to your taste.

So here some tasty dishes shared by an Odia Foodie Aseema Puhan. Paratha, the love of every foodie who never cares about oil. Alu-Potala Bhaja, the potato lover who might die without potato would definitely love this. And again for all the potato lovers, Alu chokha, the most favorite dish. And finally, some sweets also needed to make our conversations sweet. So the Simei Khiri is ready for that. After such kind of breakfast, who won't get motivated for the Monday work.

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