Saga-Pakhala (ଶାଗ-ପଖାଳ)

This season is all about Summer and the all-time favorite most Odia food Pakhala is here. We welcome Summer with Pakhala on 20th March, which is well known as Pakhala Dibasa. According to our doctors, Torani (water in the rice) is the best use for the Summer.

So, here is the Pakhala with our desi style Saga bhaja (Odia: ଶାଗ) shared by our own doctor Dr. Biswa Ranjan Kar.
On the Plate:
💜 Pakhala
💜 Saga
💜 Salad
💜 Alu Chokha
💜 Sajana Nadi Besara
💜 Potala-Alu Besara

All these items are prepared by Rashmita mam in her kitchen. 

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