Summer Food 4: Ice Apple or Tala Saja (ତାଳ ସଜ) or palm fruits

Summer has its unique attraction from love to hate. We love summer for some lovely foods like Plam fruits, Mangos, Jackfruits, etc.

And there is another fruit (which means Phala or ଫଳ and the Odia meaning of Result is Phala) in summer is exam results which are good for someone and worst for someone. But the natural fruits are always lovely for everyone.

Here is the palm fruit or Tala Saja (ତାଳ ସଜ) shared by Ahalya Pattnaik. Previously, we have shared another photo, but those weren't peeled up. But look at this photo, how lovely these are looking. It shows the best view of this fruit. 

* Check out the Summer Food 3 about ice apple for some more information.

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