Suji Kakara - ସୂଜି କାକରା

Suji Kakara or Suji Manda is a famous sweet cake from Odisha. This Deep Fried Sweet Cake is made with Dahi Chhena and  Coconut stuffing.

When it comes to love and food, nothing can beat our darling mothers.
Learning session!! MIL's recipe "Suji Kakara (Deep Fried Sweet Cake) with Dahi Chhena & Coconut Stuffing"

I really don't understand the meaning of a sarcastic statement "Jibanata kakera heigala" (Odia: ଜୀବନଟା କାକରା ହେଇଗଲା)😂😂😂😁 (Life has become Kakara)
Kakara is not that bad. ☺
A perfect combination of ghee, sweet Jaggery, spicy black pepper, edible camphor, juicy coconut, aromatic cardamom stuffing & semolina dough.

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