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Saga-Pakhala (ଶାଗ-ପଖାଳ)
Monday Lunch: Simple Veg Food
Monday Motivation: Tasty Breakfast
Summer Food 6: Dates (ଖଜୁରୀ କୋଳି)
Vegetarian Thali Shared by Lucy
Weekend Breakfast Shared by Ahalya & Swagatika
Odia Food 12: Shared by Jolly Bisoyi
Odia Breakfast 5: Kakara & Dalma
Suji Kakara - ସୂଜି କାକରା
Morning Breakfast: Poha & Tea shared by Usha
Summer Food 5: Baiganapali Amba (Mango)
Morning Breakfast: Chakuli & Ghuguni shared by Swagatika
Tuesday Special shared by Aparna Mandal
Odia Food: Suji Kakara (ସୁଜି କାକରା)
Summer Drinks: Mango Juice
Morning Breakfast: Richa Mohanty
Poda Pitha
Summer Food 4: Ice Apple or Tala Saja (ତାଳ ସଜ)  or palm fruits
Odia Breakfast 4: Bara - Aludum
Odia Food 11: Rice & Some Special Curry