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16 Jun 2018

We have been waiting for Raja since last 360 days and it came with lots of happiness. But these three days had passed like three hours. Yes, in these three days, people did lots of fun, eat lots of food. It's time to say goodbye to Raja and have to wait for the next year.

It comes every year but never loses its craze among people. Now-a-days Odia people staying in various states, various countries, but they never forgot their festivals, their cultures, their traditions. So, everybody was waiting for this festival and finally, it gave lots of things this year. Yes, we have crossed 200+ blog yesterday on Raja Sankranti and achieved this in 8 months. 

Here is the Last Raja or Sesha Raja (Odia: ଶେଷ ରଜ) dinner scene shared by Dr. Biswa Ranjan Kar. All these foods are prepared by Rashmita Mam.

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Poda Pitha is famous for Raja Parba and we have shared lots of photos of Raja Parba, Raja Pana, different types of Raja Pitha in our previous blogs whose links are also mentioned below. You may find all the Raja Pitha blogs from the links with bold letters below.

Here we have some mouth-watering Poda Pitha shared by Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Sahoo. This cake was prepared by his better half at their home especially for Raja Parba. 

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Raja Poda Pitha - ରଜ ପୋଡ଼ପିଠା (Photo by Lucy Parija)

Poda Pitha (Odia: ପୋଡ଼ ପିଠା) is the signature dish of Raja Parba in Odisha. This is also the favoritee dish of Lord Jagannath. Mahaprabhu uses to eat Podapitha after every meal and while returning from his birth place to Srimandira on Bahuda Yatra, he eats Poda Pitha at Mausi Maa Temple.

Poda Pitha, Specially prepared in the occasion of Bahuda Jatra of Lord Jagannath

Poda Pitha means burnt cake (Poda = Burnt). This can be made with only rice batter or you can also add splitted black grams to it. Spiced with ginger, cardamom, black pepper with added desi ghee, dry fruits, and coconut.

Poda Pitha, Specially prepared for Raja Parba

This is slowly baked wrapped in a leafy cover to perfection. Raja celebration is incomplete without Poda Pitha and the cooking part is done one day prior to Pahili Raja (1st day of Raja Parba) as burning anything is prohibited during these 3 days of Raja.

PS - Today is last day of Raja Parba which is known as Sesha raja/Bhu daha/ Bhuin na'ana.

  • This blog is written by Lucy Prija. She had prepared this food and clicked this photo.
  • Follow her on Instagram @foodofthenation 

"We love to eat and love to Share." This tagline was initiated when we have started this work as My Photography, but due to some problem, we were unable to update regularly. Now we are trying to get in touch with the help of some friends by sharing their lovely snaps with us.

Here we have taken some photos of Odia foods specially prepared for Raja Parba. Raja Parba is the important festival in Odisha not only for girls but also for all. And yes, there are lots of legends about Raja Parba and this festival is also observed outside Odisha with various names. Previously we have shared some blogs about Raja and some other related information and the links with their name are provided below.
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Photo: Dr. Biswa Ranjan Kar
Photo: Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Sahoo
Photo: Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Sahoo
Photo: Swagatika Behera
Photo: Soumya

15 Jun 2018

The second day of Raja Parba is known as RajaSankrantii or Mithuna Sankranti. Raja festival is all about 3 days of good food and I have prepared pure veg lunch at home for my friends today. This menu had Rice, Dalma, Potala Rasa (pointed gourd in a creamy gravy), Amba khata (raw mangoes cooked with jaggery), Jhudanga aloo bhaja (runner beans and potato fry), papad.

PS -  Highlights of the menu were sweet idlis and puradia kakara (sweet stuffed fried semolina cakes) as Raja menu is incomplete without pitha. And mangoes are from our garden as always. 
Raja Sankranti Lunch Shared by Lucy Parija - Bhata, Dalma, Kakara Pitha, Idli Pitha, Bhaja, Saga, Mahura, Potala Kuruma, Papad

Happy Raja Parba to all. A Raja Sankranti Special Blog by Sridutta Behera mam with the lovely Podapitha.

Today is Raja Sankranti...🙏🏻🙏🏻 I am here with my Podapitha and all Raja decorations..❤️❤️
Podapitha (Odia: ପୋଡ଼ପିଠା) is slow-cooked Pitha. It is made by slowly baking fermented rice, black gram, grated coconut, and jaggery overnight. Its crust is slightly burnt, while the inside is soft and white. Podapitha is generally made during Raja Parba. It is also served in the Jagannath Temple, Puri.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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14 Jun 2018

Raja Parba is the most famous festival in Odisha. In this festival, people used to eat lots of things and share with others like Pitha (cakes), Mitha (Sweets), Amba (Mango), Panasa (Jackfruit), Pana (Bittle), and lots of things. Girls, women are not allowed to work on these three days, but they have to do because they are the main cook in the home. 

Let's take the part Pitha or the cake which are prepared in various ways. But Poda Pitha is famous in Raja, where are people prepare other kinds of Pitha or Cakes in these three days. Here we have some snaps of Pitha shared by some of our friends for this Pahili Raja. Yes, the 1st day of Raja is known as Pahili Raja.

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* Read the Raja Parba Blog for brief information about this festival with related clicks.
Raja Pitha on Pahili Raja
Raja Blog Shared by Lucy
Raja Pana
Raja Sankranti Lunch Shared by Lucy Parija
Photo: Anand
Photo: Anand
Photo: Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Sahoo
Photo: Jyotsna
Photo: Seenu Mohapatra

13 Jun 2018

Monsoon is here before time, so Raja is being celebrated before time. Podapitha is famous for #RajaParba and TalaPitha is famous during monsoon. Here is the Raja Talapitha (Palm cake) which is actually poda pitha prepared by Manaswini mam. 

Tala pitha is prepared from the palm fruits, which is eaten as Ice Apple during summer and the riped version is used to make this lovely pitha or cake. 

Yes, we can prepare different types of pithas or cakes from this and everything tastes good. If possible, then we would share all types of pitha made from this.

Wish you all a Happy Raja in advance. And we are glad to get such viewers and followers for our social media profiles and for our small website. Lots of Love from the My Photography family who are managing the works and who are our family members by supporting us in different fields. 
Follow this video to prepare this with full recipes. 

11 Jun 2018

Khaja of Jagannath Temple is one of the very famous sweets of Odisha and is related to the emotions of all Odia people. It is also offered as an offering in the Jagannath Temple, Puri.

Khaja of Jagannath Temple

This delicacy is offered as one of the Chhappan Bhog Prasad to Lord Jagannath. Out of the 56 items offered to the Almighty, this dish has to be there. Also knows as Khaja (ଖଜା), it is prepared every day in the auspicious kitchen of Mahaprabhu.

Heard from sources, Lord Jagannath appeared in a person’s dream and instructed him to prepare this sweet dish and offer this to him as Mahaprasad. It’s is prepared with Maida, Ghee, and Sugar Cardamom powder Syrup.

About the Author:

Bandita Choudhury

Bandita Choudhury, an Odia food blogger born and brought up in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. She is a lawyer by profession, a foodie by choice. She loves her work and a dedicated foodie who shares lots of recipes on her Instagram feed.

Follow her on Instagram @hunger_triggers

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9 Jun 2018

Khiri or Kheer (Odia: ଖିରି), a sweet dish which is the love of anybody. Here we are sharing a snap of kheer share by Sushree, a foodie from Odisha. 

According to her;
"I have an incredible sweet tooth 🤓🤓 and my secret indulgent food is dessert🙃. And everybody knows Kheer is the essential queen amongst Desserts👸🏻. This taste unquestionable tasty especially the one made out of rice, full cream milk and condensed milk and then garnished with dry fruits like cashews and raisins. After a sumptuous meal then comes the turn of my favourite dessert 💝😎😎(K͒H͒E͒E͒R͒)😎😎💝."
  • Follow her on Instagram @mickiee_1989 to view more lovely feeds.

6 Jun 2018

Summer is the only season when you could get the pure form of mangoes and nobody would miss that chance to enjoy the mangoes. We love every item made from mangoes. Here we have taken some Lunch snaps where people use mango as a side dish.

Here is the 1st snap is taken from Sushree.
The list of items on her plate;
🔘Fish curry
🔘Mashed potato
🔘Spinach fry

Source: Sushree  
The 2nd snap is taken from Nivedita Pattnaik.
Here is the list of items on her plate;
💚Alu Potal kasa
💚Kalama Saga
💚Torani kanji
💚Aamba (Mango)

Source: Nivedita Pattnaik
And the 3rd snap is taken from Jolly Bisoyi.
Here is the list of items on her plate;
❤Fish Dopiaza
❤Cottage Paneer and Parwal Curry
❤Boiled egg

Source: Jolly Bisoyi

3 Jun 2018

Sundays are meant for lavish and hearty meals❤️... Lavish doesn’t mean royalty for us, it’s simplicity 😍. So, we have chosen three lunch snaps from different users from different places.

The 1st featured lunch is from Dubai by Subhasri
Couldn’t have had better awesome homemade soul food than this 😍.
Hot steam rice with delicious Kerala style egg curry in thin coconut milk with all-time favorite Odia’s Dahi baigan 🍆. When southern meets eastern 🤗

The 2nd lunch snap shared by Bhaskar Raha who don't have any vacations but reduced class time allowed him to have lunch at home!
Here lunch menu ~ Rice, Daal, Parwal & bhindi bhaji, dahi & double kesar egg curry. 😋 It's hard to find double kesar wale eggs but u can ask your nearest broilers if they have some in stock. Same taste but double Satisfaction ❤️

And the 3rd Sunday lunch sorted by Swagatika Behera
Rice, dal fry, bhindi fry and chili paneer.❤ Is this look like Eiffel Tower to you too?
If yes, then do comment.

2 Jun 2018

Black Currant well know as Jamukoli (Odia: ଜାମୁ କୋଳି) or jambu fruit in Odisha is another summer fruit. Actually, this is not pure summer fruit, but it available at the end of summer. That's why some consider this as the monsoon fruit. This is in high demand not just because of its unique tangy taste but due to its precious medicinal properties as well. The fruit is harvested in the month of June. 

And you could find two types of black currants; One is the elliptical shape and another one is rounded shape. The elliptical shaped are mainly available in this time and the rounded shape take some more time i.e. during monsoon. Here we have two snaps of the elliptical shaped, but share the rounded shape in near future, when it would be available.

Photo: Upasana Kar
Photo: Jolly Bisoyi

31 May 2018

Crispy, fluffy and delicious vadas for kickstarting up the morning❤️❤️.
Medu/Biri vada/bara is one snack I loved as a kid and still do. I especially like the crispy and fluffy medu vada dunked in hot "Chana dal" yeah you guys read it correct “Chana dal” and with some coconut chutney by the side. The combo of vada - Chana dal or vada -guguni is very famous as a breakfast in Odisha and taste awesomely.

Whenever we would go to any south Indian restaurants in UAE, I would order either vada sambar or masala dosa. These two were always on my top list of south Indian snacks 🤗😅.