Raja Sankranti Lunch Shared by Lucy Parija

The second day of Raja Parba is known as Raja Sankranti or Mithuna Sankranti. Raja festival is all about 3 days of good food and I have prepared pure veg lunch at home for my friends today. This menu had Rice, Dalma, Potala Rasa (pointed gourd in a creamy gravy), Amba khata (raw mangoes cooked with jaggery), Jhudanga aloo bhaja (runner beans and potato fry), papad.

PS -  Highlights of the menu were sweet idlis and puradia kakara (sweet stuffed fried semolina cakes) as Raja menu is incomplete without pitha. And mangoes are from our garden as always. 
Raja Sankranti Lunch Shared by Lucy Parija - Bhata, Dalma, Kakara Pitha, Idli Pitha, Bhaja, Saga, Mahura, Potala Kuruma, Papad

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