Raja Pitha on Pahili Raja

Raja Parba is the most famous festival in Odisha. In this festival, people used to eat lots of things and share with others like Pitha (cakes), Mitha (Sweets), Amba (Mango), Panasa (Jackfruit), Pana (Bittle), and lots of things. Girls, women are not allowed to work on these three days, but they have to do because they are the main cook in the home. 

Let's take the part Pitha or the cake which are prepared in various ways. But Poda Pitha is famous in Raja, where are people prepare other kinds of Pitha or Cakes in these three days. Here we have some snaps of Pitha shared by some of our friends for this Pahili Raja. Yes, the 1st day of Raja is known as Pahili Raja.

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Raja Pitha on Pahili Raja
Raja Blog Shared by Lucy
Raja Pana
Raja Sankranti Lunch Shared by Lucy Parija
Photo: Anand
Photo: Anand
Photo: Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Sahoo
Photo: Jyotsna
Photo: Seenu Mohapatra

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