Sugar Palm Rice Cake - ତାଳ ପୋଡ଼ପିଠା

Monsoon is here before time, so Raja is being celebrated before time. Podapitha is famous for RajaParba and TalaPitha is famous during monsoon.

Here is the Raja Talapitha (Palm cake) which is actually poda pitha prepared by Manaswini mam. 

Tala pitha is prepared from palm fruits (Ice Apple), which is eaten as Ice Apple during summer and the riped version is used to make this lovely pitha or cake. 

Yes, we can prepare different types of pithas or cakes from this and everything tastes good. If possible, then we would share all types of pitha made from this.

Wish you all a Happy Raja in advance. And we are glad to get such viewers and followers for our social media profiles and for our small website. Lots of Love from the My Photography family who are managing the works and who are our family members by supporting us in different fields. 
Follow this video to prepare this with full recipes. 

About Manaswini:

Odia food blogger Manaswini Sahoo AKA Soul Of OdishaManaswini Sahoo, an Odia Technical professional, and a foodie by his passion. He uses to travel to different destinations and loves to taste the good vibes also the foods.

Follow him on Twitter @Manaswiini, on Instagram @soulofodisha, and on YouTube @manaswinisahu.

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