Khaja of Jagannath Temple

Khaja of Jagannath Temple is one of the very famous sweets of Odisha and is related to the emotions of all Odia people. It is also offered as an offering in the Jagannath Temple, Puri.

Khaja of Jagannath Temple

This delicacy is offered as one of the Chhappan Bhog Prasad to Lord Jagannath. Out of the 56 items offered to the Almighty, this dish has to be there. Also knows as Khaja (ଖଜା), it is prepared every day in the auspicious kitchen of Mahaprabhu.

Heard from sources, Lord Jagannath appeared in a person’s dream and instructed him to prepare this sweet dish and offer this to him as Mahaprasad. It’s is prepared with Maida, Ghee, and Sugar Cardamom powder Syrup.

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