Kheer (ଖିରି)

Khiri or Kheer (Odia: ଖିରି), a sweet dish which is the love of anybody. Here we are sharing a snap of kheer share by Sushree, a foodie from Odisha. 

According to her;
"I have an incredible sweet tooth 🤓🤓 and my secret indulgent food is dessert🙃. And everybody knows Kheer is the essential queen amongst Desserts👸🏻. This taste unquestionable tasty especially the one made out of rice, full cream milk and condensed milk and then garnished with dry fruits like cashews and raisins. After a sumptuous meal then comes the turn of my favourite dessert 💝😎😎(K͒H͒E͒E͒R͒)😎😎💝."
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  1. Aku dekhiki authare baneibaku icha hauchi khiri

    1. Hahahaha...
      Tu bhul re bi kebe au khiri tiari karibaku mana karibuni..
      Cycle 200km/hr speed re chaliebaku mana kale karibu.. hele khiri katha kebe bhabibuni.. yaku dekhiki khauchu boli bhabine..