16 Jun 2018

Poda Pitha - ପୋଡ଼ ପିଠା shared by Lucy Prija

The signature dish of Raja parba, Poda Pitha is also Lord Jagannath'sfavoritee dish. Poda pitha means burnt cake (Poda = Burnt). This can be made with only rice batter or you can also add splitted black grams to it. Spiced with ginger, cardamom, black pepper with added desi ghee, dry fruits and coconut. This is slowly baked wrapped in a leafy cover to perfection. Raja celebration is incomplete without Poda pitha and the cooking part is done one day prior to Pahili Raja as burning anything is prohibited during these 3 days of Raja.

PS - Today is last day of Raja parba which is known as Sesha raja/Bhu daha/ Bhuin na'ana.

  • This blog is Written by Lucy Prija. She had prepared this food and clicked this photo.
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