16 Oct 2020

Leftover Dal Soup

Leftover Dal Soup is my mother's go-to solution when I ask her to prepare something for me while I stay up late for studying or any other work.

Being a no-fuss recipe, Leftover Dal Soup is a very quick one and I guess takes only 5 minutes, or at max about 10 minutes to get ready.

So, this is how my mother prepares Leftover Dal Soup 😍

  • Take a Kadai and add the leftover Dal along with some water. The consistency should be that of a soup.
  • When the Dal comes to a boil, add pepper powder. Adjust with salt as required. If you guys like other seasonings, you can always add your own touch.
  • Remove from the stove.
  • Add lemon juice and give it a good mix.

This one I made from leftover tomato dal. Do try Leftover Dal Soup and lemme know 💃💃

About the Author:

Bandita Choudhury

Bandita Choudhury, an Odia food blogger born and brought up in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. She is a lawyer by profession, a foodie by choice. She loves her work and a dedicated foodie who shares lots of recipes on her Instagram feed.

Follow her on Instagram @hunger_triggers

Maa Dandakali Temple

Maa Dandakali is a part of Adishakti Maa Mahakali. The temple of Maa Danda Kali at Khantapada is situated near NH16. It's around 18 kilometers from Balasore District Headquarters.

Top view of Dandakali Temple Khantapada - Balasore

The temple is on the left side if you are going towards Balasore, just after the Khantapada Market and around 2 kilometers before the Sergarh Toll Plaza.

Maa Danda Kali Temple Balasore

You could reach this place traveling on Roads or else could reach from the nearest local Railway Station, Khantapada, or the Town railway station, Balasore.

Bhoga Store near Dadakali Temple Balasore

There are some small shops to buy some puja items like Coconut, Diya, Banana, flowers, etc. for Maa Danda Kali.

Side view of Dandakali Temple Khantapada - Balasore

There is also a Bhoga Mandap of Maa Danda Kali, where the temple administration provides Prasad to the Devotees.

Couldy Radhakrushna Jew Temple Balasore

Radha-Krushna Jew is the nearest temple to Maa Dandakali Temple. It's situated in the left-back side of the Danda Kali Temple.

Radhakrushna Jew Temple Balasore

Though the place is near NH16, but the Radha-Krisha Jew temple is used quite and clam. People could rest there during summer-time also.

Full view of Radhakrushna Jew Temple Balasore

Radhakrushna Jew Temple Khantapada

* I'm Sangram Keshari Senapati, written this blog, and all these photos are taken by me on my RedMI Note 5 Pro Mobile. 
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15 Oct 2020

Which place is famous for Kakara Pitha in Odisha?

Kakara Pitha (Odia: କାକରା ପିଠା) is a sweet deep-fried cake from Odisha offered to temple deities and served hot or cold on many festivals. There are various forms of Kakara Pitha and varies from place to place.

But, which place is famous for Kakara Pitha in Odisha? This is a basic question strike on your mind whenever you think about the food items of Odisha. Here is a small blog on the famous Kakara Pitha in Odisha.

Whenever I pass by Chhatia or Badachana, I always wanted to have Chhena Kakara from those sweet stores. Those shops are famous for Chhena Kakara. Though they use to serve lots of food items, but this one is my favorite.

What is Chhena Kakara?

Chhena Kakara is one type of Kakara Pitha made from Cheese which means Chhena (Odia: ଛେନା)  in Odia. 

Here are some photographs of Suji Kakara Pitha which I've clicked a few days back. We also call this as Suji Manda.

Suji Kakara Pitha or Suji Manda

* I'm Sangram Keshari Senapati and I've written this blog with all my personal views.

10 Oct 2020

Gandahati Waterfall - Popular fall in Gajapati District

Gandahati Waterfall is one of the popular waterfalls of the Gajapati district, in Southern Odisha, India. This waterfall is located on the Mahendratanaya River.

Gandahati Waterfall is about 30 km from Paralakhemundi and 153 km far from Berhampur. The nearest railway station is Paralakhemundi and Palasa, which is 44 km from Parlakhemundi. The rainy season is the best time to visit this place.

Gandahati Waterfall - best waterfall in Gajapati District
Gandahati waterfall is one of the best tourist places in the Gajapati District, which has been attracting a large number of visitors during winter as well as in the rainy season.

This place can be reached by Bus or by any vehicle through road but by train, one can reach either Palasa or Paralakhemundi and from there, only by road you could reach the falls.

Gandahati Waterfall clicked by Udayan Sarathi
As you go to falls, you would find it covered with dense forest all around. You need to cross small villages on the way to the falls. The nearest waterfall is Godgoda Waterfall.

This waterfall is famous for the glittering waterfall that has a consistent water flow throughout the year. Its scenic beauty amidst forest cover has been attracting visitors from all the nearby areas.

Gandahati Waterfall - Popular waterfall in Gajapati District
Photo: Dsrimagination

  • All this information is taken from English Wikipedia and the Gajapati District Administration website.
  • All these photographs are published here with all required permission from the original photographer.
  • Follow Dsrimagination on Twitter @rajpurohit2005 and read his blog dsrimagination.blogspot.com.

Beautiful Photo of Gandahati Watefall
Photo: Nandan
Video by: V. Adhikari

27 Sept 2020

Khandagiri Caves on 2020 World Tourism Day
Khandagiri Caves have archaeological, historical, and religious importance near the city of Bhubaneswar in Odisha, India. These caves are partly natural and partly artificial.

These caves are situated on two adjacent hills, Udayagiri and Khandagiri, mentioned as Kumari Parvata in the Hathigumpha inscription. Formerly, these caves are called as Kattaka Caves or Cuttack caves.

Khandagiri on World Touris Day
There are a number of finely and ornately carved caves built during the 1st century BCE. It is believed that most of these caves were carved out as residential blocks for Jaina monks during the reign of King Kharavela.

Bhubaneswar Khandagiri Cave on World Tourism Day
The Khandagiri hills fall on your left side when you enter into this area from Bhubaneswar. There are 15 caves in Khandagiri. These caves were renovated during the reign of Uddyotakeshari of the Somavamshi dynasty.

Khandagiri Cave on World Tourism Day
On this World Tourism Day, one of our journalist friend Bhabani Prasad Das had clicked some beautiful photos of the Khandagiri Caves. During this lockdown, nobody was there, the place was empty.

- All these photos are taken by Bhabani Prasad Das sir and published here with his permission.

- And all these contents are taken from English Wikipedia.

19 Sept 2020

Beauty of Gundicha Ghai Waterfall in Rainy Season

Gundicha Ghai Waterfall
is a beautiful waterfall in Keonjhar District. You could enjoy the scenic beauty of the waterfall in the Rainy Season.

Previously, we had shared a blog as, Gundichaghai Waterfall in Summer where we have shared a little bit of information and some really beautiful photos of the Gundichaghai waterfall.

Attractive View of Gundicha Ghai Waterfall

This time we got a chance to share the photos of Dr. Biswajeet Mishra who recently in 2020 visited Ashok Jhar waterfall and traveled to Gundicha Ghai Via Duburi Road. On their way, they have also visited the Remal Dam.

Attractive View of the Entrance of the Gundicha Ghai Waterafall

This waterfall is situated around 55 kilometers from Keonjhar district headquarters. The waterfall is about 50 ft. high on the river Mudala which is being situated amidst the lush green forest.

Beautiful Gundicha Ghai Waterfall

Dr. Biwajeet was traveling from Duburi, so he traveled via Tamka, Bhagamunda, Harichandanpur. You could enjoy one of the best scenic views on this route.

The Roar of Gundicha Ghai Waterfall

On the road from Harichandanpur to Ghatagaon, the Gundicha Ghai Waterfall is about 7 kilometers from the main road. And if you come from the Ghatagaon, then it's exactly 14 kilometers from the Tarini Temple.

Bridge near Gundicha Ghai

Gundicha Ghai waterfall is a huge one, especially during the rainy season. Now, they have built a new staircase leading to the waters. But it's better to avoid going near the water during the rainy season. It's too scary.

Beautiful View of Gundicha Ghai Waterfall Kenonjhar

Landscape view of Gundicha Ghai in Rainy Season

* All these photographs are taken by Dr. Biswajeet Mishra and we have published here with all his permissions.

* Before sharing these photos, you have to take the permission from him.

11 Sept 2020

Dutiya Osha Ghanta Tarakari

Dwitibahan Osha or Pua Jiuntia Osha is observed every year on the day of Ashwina Krushna Ashtami or Mula Ashtami. This Osha observed by mothers (with day-long completely fast "Nirjwala Upabasa") to invoke the grace of Lord “Dutibahana” for the long life and prosperity of their sons.

They offer many seasonal and local vegetables during the rituals. The next day, after completion of the rituals, they make a Ghanta which the whole family relishes during lunch.

There are three occasions when most Odia households cook a Ghanta dish—

  • Dutia/Dwitiya Ghanta (on Mula Ashtami)
  • Garbhana Sankranti Ghanta (on Tula Sankranti)
  • Ghadaghadia Ghanta (on Samba Dashami)

The first two Ghanta are similar, but the third is quite different. Let's talk about Dutia Osha ghanta.

Dutia Osha Ghanta

At least 7 vegetables or multiples of it are used to make this dish. Right from pumpkin, ash gourd, green papaya, pointed gourd, snake gourds, ridge gourds, drumsticks, plantain, brinjal, mature cucumber, tubers like an elephant foot, sweet potatoes, leafy greens like pumpkin leaves, amaranth stalks, etc. are cut into chunky pieces.

All Veggies used to boil in a big adding of turmeric, salt, bay leaf, and a piece of crushed ginger. Sprouted legumes such as moong, black chana, freshly grated coconut, and some bits of it are very essential to bring out the flavor of the dish. One can also use soaked Kabuli Chana, peanuts, Chana Daal in the dish.

Ghanta on Dutibahana Osha

Everything is slow-cooked to get perfection. One can add a few strips of Elephant Apple Ou in Odia, as it adds tanginess as well as a typical flavor to the dish.

Freshly made roasted cumin and red chili are added and then there is a final tempering with ghee and whole cumin or Pancha-Phutana. Some people add curry leaves for aroma and you can add black pepper crushed instead of red chili powder.

Dutia Osha Ghanta Tarakari

Mansi Rath

Mansi Rath, an Odia food blogger born and brought up in Balasore, Odisha. She is a software engineer by profession, a foodie, and by choice. She has an aim and has a passion to become a chef. She loves to explore places and different cuisines of Odisha.

Follow her on Instagram @delicious_foodcornor

- All these photographs are taken by Mansi Rath and she wrote this blog. We have published it here with her permission.

8 Sept 2020

Ashok Jhara Waterfall, Jajpur

Ashok Jhara Waterfall (Odia: ଅଶୋକ ଝର) is a waterfall in the Jajpur district of Odisha. This waterfall is situated around 10 kilometers from Sukinda.

The entry gate of Ashok Jhara Waterfall, Jajpur

To reach near Ashok Jhara Waterfall, you could take the help of local people for roads. Since the Google map is here, but the condition of roads may create some problems, so better to know about the roads before you go.

View of Ashok Jahara Waterfall
Photo: Jajpur District Administration

As per one of our friends, the roads through Duburi shown by the Google maps are worst now. So you could go through Sukinda road.

The View of Ashok Jhara
Photo: Biswajeet Mishra

Ashok Jahara Waterfall is a good place for the picnic. The calm and scenic view of nature gives you more pleasure. You could enjoy the place with your family and friends also.

Beauty of Ashok Jhara
Photo: Biswajeet Mishra

The Ashoka Jahara Waterfall is coming from the nearby heals and at the bottom side, there is a temple where people use to cook during picnic time just because of the empty space.

Ashoka Jahara Waterfall, Jajpur
Photo: Biswajeet Mishra

* All these photos are taken by Biswajeet Mishra. So all photo rights are reserved to the original photographer.
* We have posted the photos with his permission, and before publishing, sharing for business use and modifying take his permission.
* One photograph is taken from the Jajpur District Administration for fair use only.