19 Sept 2020

Beauty of Gundicha Ghai Waterfall in Rainy Season

Beauty of Gundicha Ghai Waterfall in Rainy Season

Gundicha Ghai Waterfall
is a beautiful waterfall in Keonjhar District. You could enjoy the scenic beauty of the waterfall in the Rainy Season.

Previously, we had shared a blog as, Gundichaghai Waterfall in Summer where we have shared a little bit of information and some really beautiful photos of the Gundichaghai waterfall.

Attractive View of Gundicha Ghai Waterfall

This time we got a chance to share the photos of Dr. Biswajeet Mishra who recently in 2020 visited Ashok Jhar waterfall and traveled to Gundicha Ghai Via Duburi Road. On their way, they have also visited the Remal Dam.

Attractive View of the Entrance of the Gundicha Ghai Waterafall

This waterfall is situated around 55 kilometers from Keonjhar district headquarters. The waterfall is about 50 ft. high on the river Mudala which is being situated amidst the lush green forest.

Beautiful Gundicha Ghai Waterfall

Dr. Biwajeet was traveling from Duburi, so he traveled via Tamka, Bhagamunda, Harichandanpur. You could enjoy one of the best scenic views on this route.

The Roar of Gundicha Ghai Waterfall

On the road from Harichandanpur to Ghatagaon, the Gundicha Ghai Waterfall is about 7 kilometers from the main road. And if you come from the Ghatagaon, then it's exactly 14 kilometers from the Tarini Temple.

Bridge near Gundicha Ghai

Gundicha Ghai waterfall is a huge one, especially during the rainy season. Now, they have built a new staircase leading to the waters. But it's better to avoid going near the water during the rainy season. It's too scary.

Beautiful View of Gundicha Ghai Waterfall Kenonjhar

Landscape view of Gundicha Ghai in Rainy Season

* All these photographs are taken by Dr. Biswajeet Mishra and we have published here with all his permissions.

* Before sharing these photos, you have to take the permission from him.

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