Dutiya Osha Ghanta Tarakari

Dutiya Osha Ghanta Tarakari

Dwitibahan Osha or Pua Jiuntia Osha is observed every year on the day of Ashwina Krushna Ashtami or Mula Ashtami. This Osha observed by mothers (with day-long completely fast "Nirjwala Upabasa") to invoke the grace of Lord “Dutibahana” for the long life and prosperity of their sons.

They offer many seasonal and local vegetables during the rituals. The next day, after completion of the rituals, they make a Ghanta which the whole family relishes during lunch.

There are three occasions when most Odia households cook a Ghanta dish—

  • Dutia/Dwitiya Ghanta (on Mula Ashtami)
  • Garbhana Sankranti Ghanta (on Tula Sankranti)
  • Ghadaghadia Ghanta (on Samba Dashami)

The first two Ghanta are similar, but the third is quite different. Let's talk about Dutia Osha ghanta.

Dutia Osha Ghanta

At least 7 vegetables or multiples of it are used to make this dish. Right from pumpkin, ash gourd, green papaya, pointed gourd, snake gourds, ridge gourds, drumsticks, plantain, brinjal, mature cucumber, tubers like an elephant foot, sweet potatoes, leafy greens like pumpkin leaves, amaranth stalks, etc. are cut into chunky pieces.

All Veggies used to boil in a big adding of turmeric, salt, bay leaf, and a piece of crushed ginger. Sprouted legumes such as moong, black chana, freshly grated coconut, and some bits of it are very essential to bring out the flavor of the dish. One can also use soaked Kabuli Chana, peanuts, Chana Daal in the dish.

Ghanta on Dutibahana Osha

Everything is slow-cooked to get perfection. One can add a few strips of Elephant Apple Ou in Odia, as it adds tanginess as well as a typical flavor to the dish.

Freshly made roasted cumin and red chili are added and then there is a final tempering with ghee and whole cumin or Pancha-Phutana. Some people add curry leaves for aroma and you can add black pepper crushed instead of red chili powder.

Dutia Osha Ghanta Tarakari

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