27 Sept 2020

Khandagiri Caves on 2020 World Tourism Day

Khandagiri Caves on 2020 World Tourism Day
Khandagiri Caves have archaeological, historical, and religious importance near the city of Bhubaneswar in Odisha, India. These caves are partly natural and partly artificial.

These caves are situated on two adjacent hills, Udayagiri and Khandagiri, mentioned as Kumari Parvata in the Hathigumpha inscription. Formerly, these caves are called as Kattaka Caves or Cuttack caves.

Khandagiri on World Touris Day
There are a number of finely and ornately carved caves built during the 1st century BCE. It is believed that most of these caves were carved out as residential blocks for Jaina monks during the reign of King Kharavela.

Bhubaneswar Khandagiri Cave on World Tourism Day
The Khandagiri hills fall on your left side when you enter into this area from Bhubaneswar. There are 15 caves in Khandagiri. These caves were renovated during the reign of Uddyotakeshari of the Somavamshi dynasty.

Khandagiri Cave on World Tourism Day
On this World Tourism Day, one of our journalist friend Bhabani Prasad Das had clicked some beautiful photos of the Khandagiri Caves. During this lockdown, nobody was there, the place was empty.

- All these photos are taken by Bhabani Prasad Das sir and published here with his permission.

- And all these contents are taken from English Wikipedia.

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