Dandakali Temple, Khantapada, Balasore

Maa Dandakali Temple

Maa Dandakali is a part of Adishakti Maa Mahakali. The temple of Maa Danda Kali at Khantapada is situated near NH16. It's around 18 kilometers from Balasore District Headquarters.

Top view of Dandakali Temple Khantapada - Balasore

The temple is on the left side if you are going towards Balasore, just after the Khantapada Market and around 2 kilometers before the Sergarh Toll Plaza.

Maa Danda Kali Temple Balasore

You could reach this place traveling on Roads or else could reach from the nearest local Railway Station, Khantapada, or the Town railway station, Balasore.

Bhoga Store near Dadakali Temple Balasore

There are some small shops to buy some puja items like Coconut, Diya, Banana, flowers, etc. for Maa Danda Kali.

Side view of Dandakali Temple Khantapada - Balasore

There is also a Bhoga Mandap of Maa Danda Kali, where the temple administration provides Prasad to the Devotees.

Couldy Radhakrushna Jew Temple Balasore

Radha-Krushna Jew is the nearest temple to Maa Dandakali Temple. It's situated in the left-back side of the Danda Kali Temple.

Radhakrushna Jew Temple Balasore

Though the place is near NH16, but the Radha-Krisha Jew temple is used quite and clam. People could rest there during summer-time also.

Full view of Radhakrushna Jew Temple Balasore

Radhakrushna Jew Temple Khantapada

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