Leftover Dal Soup

Leftover Dal Soup

Leftover Dal Soup is my mother's go-to solution when I ask her to prepare something for me while I stay up late for studying or any other work.

Being a no-fuss recipe, Leftover Dal Soup is a very quick one and I guess takes only 5 minutes, or at max about 10 minutes to get ready.

So, this is how my mother prepares Leftover Dal Soup 😍

  • Take a Kadai and add the leftover Dal along with some water. The consistency should be that of a soup.
  • When the Dal comes to a boil, add pepper powder. Adjust with salt as required. If you guys like other seasonings, you can always add your own touch.
  • Remove from the stove.
  • Add lemon juice and give it a good mix.

This one I made from leftover tomato dal. Do try Leftover Dal Soup and lemme know 💃💃

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Food blogger Bandita Choudhury

Bandita Choudhury, an Odia food blogger born and brought up in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. She is a lawyer by profession, a foodie by choice. She loves her work and a dedicated foodie who shares lots of recipes on her Instagram feed. Follow her on Instagram @hunger_triggers.

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