Deula Aloo Dum or Alu Kasa (ଦେଉଳା ଆଳୁ କସା)

Deula Aloo Dum or Alu Kasa (ଦେଉଳା ଆଳୁ କସା)

Aloo Kasa (Odia: ଆଳୁ କସା) or Alu Dum (ଆଳୁ ଦମ୍) is one of the most favorite potato curries. Alu dum is derived from two names; "Dum" means slow-cooked, and "Alu" is potato.

Local Vender Selling Deula Aloo Kasa in Bhogarai, Balasor, Odisha

Deula Hata (ଦେଉଳା ହାଟ) is a market in Bhogarai of Balasore district. This place is famous for the delicious Alu Dum which is mostly known as Deula Aloo Kasa.

Deula Aloo Dum from Bhogarai Balasoe

This place has a special demand for its Aloo Kasa. People from nearby places use to come to this place to eat this Aloo dum.

Deula Aloo Kasa or Aloo Dum from Bhogarai Balasore

While we were discussing today, we came to know some interesting facts about this dish. The red color of this dish came from a special masala named "Color Mitti", which you can find in the nearby Kirana stores.


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