Delicious Chuda Kadamba and Dalma from Puri

Chuda Kadamba (Odia: ଚୁଡ଼ା କଦମ୍ବା) is one type of food dish which could be eaten as breakfast. It's an item like Ladoo which is a famous street food in Puri, Odisha.

Delicious Chuda Kadma and Dalma from Puri

As per Purnachandra Odia Bhasakosha, Chuda could be defined as flattened and parched rice which is the traditional breakfast in Odisha.

Chuda Kadamba with Dalma from Chandanpur, Puri

As per one of our friends, Manas Muduli, "if you are visiting Puri and returned without having Chuda-Kadama with Dalma, then why did you come?"

Chuda Kadamba and Chhena Jhilli from Puri

Some people call this Chuda Ghasa aslo. If you wish to make this food at home, then you could follow Sweta Biswal's blog, Chuda Kadamba (Avalakki/Poha Laddoo).

Delicious Chhena Jhilli from Puri, Odisha

Apart from this, you could try Chhena Jhilli (Odia: ଛେନା ଝିଲ୍ଲୀ) from Puri. The taste of Chhena Jhilli is awesome, and it can't be explained. You could feel that while eating.

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