Famous Kuna Tuna Dahibara from Cuttack

Famous Kuna Tuna Dahibara from Cuttack

Kuna Tuna Dahibara Stall is one of the famous Dahi vada stalls in Odisha situated opposite the Barabati Stadium, Cuttack.

Famous Dahibara from Kuna Tuna Stall of Cuttack

Kuna Tuna Dahibara Alu dum from Cuttack

Dahibara is one of the Odia food which is well known for breakfast and most famous in all parts of Odisha. But Cuttuck Dahibara is considered the best Dahi vada.

Cuttack Famous Dahibara Aloodum from Kuna Tuna Stall

Kuna Tuna Dahibara Aloodum from Cuttack

All these photographs except the header image are clicked by Manas Muduli, a techie by profession and a food cum traveler of Odisha.

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