Mudhi Mansa (ମୁଢ଼ି ମାଂସ): The Famous Cuisine of Odisha

Mudhi Mansa (ମୁଢ଼ି ମାଂସ): The Famous Cuisine of Odisha

Mudhi Mansa (Odiaମୁଢ଼ି ମାଂସ) is a typical dish from Mayurbhanj's Baripada. The combination of puffed rice with chicken or mutton curry is Odisha's famed cuisine.

Mudhi Chicken the Iconic Identity of Mayurbhanj, Odha

Mudhi Mansa has made a significant contribution to Mayurbhanj's history. This meal has an emotional attachment to it, and all Odia people love to have Mudhi Mansa.

Baripada Mudhi Mutton for Lunch by Rashmita Mallick

Service of Mudhi Mansa:

The plate is served with Mudhi along with chicken or mutton gravy, onions, green chilies, lemon pieces, and chopped coriander leaves. In northern Odisha, Mudhi is popularly known as Bhuja (ଭୁଜା).

Balesaria Mudhi or Bhuja (ଭୁଜା) with Chicken By Sujan Pal

When you cross Balasore, you can find specified hotels for Mudhi Mansa. You can find Mudhi Mansa for morning breakfast as well as for lunch or dinner. In northern Odisha, people also serve Mudhi Manas in different festivals, marriages, etc.

Mudhi Mansa - The classic breakfast of Baripada, Mayurbhanj, the northen part of Odisha, India

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