Prathamastami - A festival for first-born

Prathamastami (Odia: ପ୍ରଥମାଷ୍ଟମୀ) is an Odia festival celebrating the "first-born" child of a family. They are called the "Prathama" or "Poruan" meaning "the first".

Prathamastami - A festival for first-born

This one's a very special occasion for me. Because I get to celebrate back-to-back. Being born on Kartika Purnima... I know that Prathamashtami isn't far🤣. And the cherry on top is that my younger sister gets no attention on this day🤣🤣.

So, in the frame, you can see ENDURI PITHA. Enduri pitha is prepared during Prathamastami. A batter of black gram and rice flour along with a stuffing of jaggery and coconut is wrapped in turmeric leaves and then steamed.

Enduri pitha on the delicious plate for Prathamashtami

My mom has spoilt me silly, I am telling you. But that's ok... today's my day. All the "Prathamas"... all my love to you.💃💃

Also, yours truly has finally learned how to make these pithas. These are made by me. Hence, the cracks. But that's ok.🙈

You can see the Enduri Pitha making process on this blog- Enduri Pitha Making

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