Dahi Vada Recipe (ଦହି ବରା)

Dahi Vada Recipe (ଦହି ବରା) - Dahibara

For us Odias, Dahi Vada (Dahibara (Odia: ଦହି ବରା) as we call it) goes the best with Aloo Dum. But I can have the vada without the curry as well.

Since childhood, I have always wondered how come my mother makes the vada with such perfection.

Even after trying n number of times, I have never made perfectly shaped vadas.

Then gradually I started consoling myself with a make-believe pretense that the shapes do not matter. The taste does.🤣🤣🤣 So, please forgive my distorted vada. 🤣🙏

Dahi Vada Recipe -

The recipe is quite easy.

Just dip the vada in Dahi (curd). The consistency of curd depends on you. I like the curd to be of running consistency so that after finishing the vada, I can drink the Dahi Pani (typical Odia things)🤣.

After dipping, add a tempering of mustard, dried red chilies, and curry leaves into the curd. Add roasted jeera powder. Mix everything properly, without breaking the vada.

Bas. Done. Enjoy Dahi Vada.

Dahi Vada Recipe (ଦହି ବରା) - Dahibara

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