19 Sep 2018

Budhei Osha or Budhi Bamana Osha - ବୁଧେଇ ଓଷା

The Budhei Osha or the Budhi Bamana Osha (Odia: ବୁଧେଇ ଓଷା) is a festival celebrated in Odisha on every Wednesday in the month of Bhadrav or Bhadraba (Odia: ଭାଦ୍ରବ). This is celebrated in the month of August and September according to the Gorgerin calender. According to our Odia Tithi (one special type of Odia calculation) calculation, this Osha or Fast is celebrated in between Gamha Purnima and Indu Purnima
The women worship an idol of Maa Mangala. The idol is prepared using Turmeric and Water and given the shape of a human on a Curry Stone. Cowries are used to make the sense organs of the idol. This fast is kept for 4/5 Wednesdays by Women for their children in Odisha. According to another myth, this fast was kept to cure blindness and leprosy as well.

According to a myth a wine dealer’s wife was cured of her leprosy and a pregnant Brahmin woman had a safe delivery after pleasing the goddess through their fasts.

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