Gadachandi Temple, Keonjhar

Maa Gadachandi Temple, Keonjhar

Maa Gadachandi Temple (Odia; ମା' ଗଡ଼ଚଣ୍ଡୀ ପୀଠ) is a Devi temple in the Keonjhar district situated at the bottom of the Baula Hills of Anandpur. Makara Mela and Durga Puja Dasahara are the main festival of this place.

Maa Gadachandi Pitha of Anandapur, Konjhar, Odisha

This place is around 8 kilometers away from Chhenapadi towards Hadagarh Dam. You can reach this place through the Bhadrak-Anandapur road from Bhdrak or Anandapur. It's useful if you take or rent your own vehicle.

The first board of Odisha Tourism at Gadachandi Temple

Baula hill is one of the big hills in the Keonjhar district. A waterfall named Sunaghai Waterfall is there coming from the hilltop and flows by the Temple. This temple is under Odisha Tourism since 1 January 1998. 

Odisha Tourism Board at Maa Gadachandi Temple

Devi Astabhuja is being worshiped here as Maa Gada Chandi. The side idols of Devi are Lord Ganesh and Shiva.

Idol of Devi Astabhuja as Maa Gada Chandi along with Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha

During the 16th Century, this place was under the Singha Dynasty of Singidigarh. Maa Gadachandi was the Ista Devi of this kingdom.

Side Idols of of Maa Gadachandi Devi Pitha in Keonjhar

The main idol of Maa Gadachandi was there at the top of the hill, which is around 2 kilometers from the present temple. There is a jungle of Ashok trees and the waterfall is started from there.

The Mahayajna at Maa Gadachandi Pitha during Makar Sankranti

In 1982, the locals formed a youth club named "Gadachandi Yuva Parishad" and from then, the Mahayajna started at this place on Makara Sankranti. Dasahara is another festival of Maa Gadachandi.

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