Idols of Maa Durga In Cuttuck, Shared by Ashwas Priyadarshan

Idols of Maa Durga In Cuttuck, Shared by Ashwas Priyadarshan

The city of Cuttack is the socio-cultural center of the state. The earliest Group  Durga Puja was reportedly held in the Kazi Bazaar area of the city in 1832 by both Odia and Bengali employees of the East India Company.

Alisha Bazaar, cuttack

The local people participated in the festivities enthusiastically. However, due to differences which cropped up later, the Oriyas decided to organize the Puja on their own.

Chandini chauk Cuttack

Now the silver and gold jewelry clad Durga are seen in many lanes and pandals. The pandal is permanent throughout the year in the suburbs of Cuttack, where regular worship is done for the divine mother, and idols are made only during Dussehra time and immersed after that.

Chauliaganj cuttack

Another opinion is that Chaitanya Deb Mahaprabhu started the Pujas in 1505 AD, when he visited Cuttack, on his way to Puri to the temple of Lord Jagannath.

Choudhury Bazaar Cuttack

Even though this may be true, the autumnal ceremony or "Akaal Bodhon", as people celebrate it now, is very similar to Markandeya Purana and is not codified in the most ancient Hindu scriptures.

College Square Cuttack
Dargha Bazaar Cuttack
Firingi Bazaar Cuttack
Kazi Bazaar Cuttack
Khan nagar, Cuttack
Khatbin Sahi, Cuttack
Mahanadi vihar, cuttack
Mangalabag Cuttack

In 2017, there are several idols of Maa Durga worshiped. These pictures of Maa Durga are captured by Ashwas Priyadarshan

Ranihat Cuttack
Sheikh Bazaar, Cuttack
Tulasipur Cuttack

Content Source: Wikipedia
Photo Source: Ashwas Priyadarshan

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