Baladevjew Temple, Keonjhar

Shri Shri Baladevjew Temple, Keonjhar (Odia: କେନ୍ଦୁଝର ବଳଦେବଜୀଉ ମନ୍ଦିର) was established in the year 1671. This temple was built by Raja Laxminarayan Bhanja. The height of the temple is 135 feet.

The main idol of this temple is Lord Balaram, the 8th Avtar of Lord Vishnu. He was the elder brother of Lord Krishna in Dwapar Yug.

The Cart-Festival (ରଥଯାତ୍ରା) of Keonjhar Baladevjew Temple is now the main attraction because of the height of the Cart. Previously the height of the cart was 60 feet but now it's 72 feet, which is the tallest cart in the world.

The height of Nadighosha, the cart of Lord Jagannath in Puri is 45.6 feet and the height of the chariot of Baladevjew Temple, Tulasi Kshetra, Kendrapada is 64 feet. According to the Global Records and Research Foundation (GRRF), now it has the tallest cart.

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