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28 Jul 2019

Dagara Beach, one of the scenic beach in Balasore, Odisha that draws local tourists during weekends. The best part of the beach is less crowded unlike the beaches of Puri or Konark. Mainly, the beach is famous for the red crabs, silvery sand, and Casuarina evergreen trees. It is one of the few beaches from which both sunrise and sunset can be viewed over the Bay of Bengal. 

Visitors come to enjoy the pleasant picnic areas, especially around the Christmas and New Year holiday season, which is known as the best picnic time in Odisha or India. Fishing by small boats with the local fishing flock is very popular here.

Dagara Beach is relatively unknown beyond the states of Odisha and West Bengal, but the state government is taking measures to promote tourism in the area. Recently, a beach festival has been launched.

The Dagara Beach Festival attracts thousands of visitors from the state of Odisha and neighboring West Bengal. The festival is a platform for performing artists and connoisseurs of classical dance.

The local city from here is Jaleswar which is 40 kilometers away. And it's just 45 kilometers away from Digha, the very famous Beach of Balasore and West Bengal. And the main town of the district Balasore is just 62 kilometers away from this beach.

  • All these photographs are taken by Surykam Dey.

5 Oct 2018

Nirmaljhara is renowned for Lord Vishnu and a beautiful water stream, which is situated near Khallikote (Odisha) and a distance of 60 to 70 km from Berhampur. This water stream name as Nirmaljhara flows out from an image of Lord Vishnu's feet. Over the year the beautiful stream has evolved as one of the famous tourist sport and pilgrim places. The Nirmala Jhara flows from the from the Badaghati Mountains in the Eastern Ghats.

Along with the Vishnu temple, there are several temples like Jagannatha, Bimala, Radhakrushna, Nilakantheswara, Ganesha, etc inside the campus area. According to the history, these temples are made by Balunkeswar Maharaj, the King of Khalikot in around 1700 AD.

Some days before, one of our friends, Jolly Bisoyi had visited this place and she had captured these beautiful clicks and also wrote this blog for us. 

6 Aug 2018

Sri Sri Harisankar Devasthana(Odia: ଶ୍ରୀ ହରିଶଙ୍କର ମନ୍ଦିର), is a temple on the slopes of Gandhamardhan hills, Odisha in India. It is popular for its scenes of nature and connection to two Hindu lords, Vishnu and Shiva. As a holy place, along with a stream passing on the granite bed, it has given some visitors a feeling of peace. On the opposite side of the Gandhamardhan hills is the temple of Nrusinghanath.[1] The plateau between the two temples has been found to have ancient Buddhist ruins, which are considered to be remnants of the ancient Parimalgiri University.

Today, I got some snaps of Harisankar Temple by one of our friend, Soumya Ranjan Sahu.

* All these photos are captured by Soumya Ranjan Sahu

19 Jun 2018

Bhadrak, a district of Odisha whose name is based on the name of Maa Bhadrakali. Bhadrak is also famous in Odisha for Kali Puja. There is another temple of Maa Kali known as Pathara Kali, and this temple is situated near to the Bhadrak Railway station. Near to this temple, people organized the famous Kali Puja. We have shared lots of blogs about Maa Bhadrakali, Bhadrakali Temple, Kali Puja in Bhadrak. But today, we have some snaps of Maa Dakshinaswara Kali Temple situated in Bhadrak Town. All these photos are taken by Barada Das.

This temple is situated near to Bhadrak Bus stand under Matha Sahi Mauja. You could go here by the road connecting to Bypass from the national highway through the new bus stand. This place is calm and quiet, but cameras are not allowed inside the temple.

11 Jun 2018

Ghanteswari Temple is just 33 kilometers away from Sambalpur district headquarters, which is situated in western part of Odisha on the bank of Mahanadi. Ghanta is the Odia meaning in Odia. People offer bells to Maa Ghanteswari after the fulfillment of their wishes. You could find bells everywhere inside the temple. 

Ghanteswari Temple was built during the ancient times by sailors. The temple was built on the bank of Mahanadi. Previously, bells in the temple were used to alert the villagers against the storm and strong winds. Gradually, people came to know about this temple and the name spread and people started offering bells. This was known as lighthouse without lights.

Chipilima Hydro Power Plant is also situated there. Visitors also go there through a narrow bridge which is like an adventure. Walking through the bridge, people could see the beautiful meadows and dense forest views.

All these photographs are taken by Manas Ranjan Dash, a writer, lyricist, music composer, singer from Odisha who loves to travel and explore.

4 Jun 2018

Hirakud Dam is built across the Mahanadi River, about 15 kilometers from Sambalpur in the state of Odisha in India. Behind the dam extends a lake, Hirakud Reservoir, 55 km long. It is one of the first major multipurpose river valley projects started after India's independence.

The main purpose of the Hirakud Dam was to check the massive floods that were affecting a large part of coastal Odisha. But, the construction of the dam greatly affected the natives of the western part of Odisha. Nearly 150,000 people were affected by the Hirakud project and nearly 22,000 families were displaced. (All these data are taken from Wikipedia)

All these photos are taken by Ansuman Rath during his visit to Sambalpur in this summer.

18 May 2018

Kuanria Dam is located on the outskirts of Daspalla in Nayagarh or Nayagada District of Odisha. It is built across the Kuanria River, which is a tributary of the Mahanadi River. The basic motive of constructing this dam was to help in the irrigation of the farmlands of this region.

The dam is just 7 kilometers away from Daspalla town and situated near to Odasar village in Nayagarh district. It's the largest dam of Nayagarh district. You can find forests with incredibly lush flora and fauna, a very good nature spot with a deer park in this place.

The Dam intercepts a catchment area of 124 km2 across the stream Kuanria and Khalkhala. This project provides irrigation facilities to an ayacut of 3600 ha. in Khariff and 1908 ha. in Rabi.

The maximum height of the dam is 21 m. The construction of the Project commenced in the year 1977. The dam and spillway works were completed in the year 1982 and distribution system by March 1988.

* All these information provided above are taken from a different source on the Internet.
* All these photographs are taken Barabula Odia.

6 May 2018

Tampara lake is the Largest fresh water lake of Odisha. Between this lake and sea a dense forest is there. It’s a pleasant experience to cross Tampra and then trekking through jungle and reach to sea beach. Nice summer afternoon hangout. 

Tips: Go to Chatrapur, cross Beautiful Tampara lake in a boat, walk 2 kilometers through a Cashew nut jungle (be aware of bears and don't forget to leave markings in the route)- a pleasant surprise will be waiting for you - a breathtakingly beautiful virgin beach.

* All these photographs are taken by Dr. Anita Sabat mam and Bishnu Mishra sir. 
* All  these information are taken from Parasar Nayak sir and Tampara Twitter handle.

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