11 Jun 2018

Ghanteswari Temple. Sambalpur

Ghanteswari Temple is just 33 kilometers away from Sambalpur district headquarters, which is situated in western part of Odisha on the bank of Mahanadi. Ghanta is the Odia meaning in Odia. People offer bells to Maa Ghanteswari after the fulfillment of their wishes. You could find bells everywhere inside the temple. 

Ghanteswari Temple was built during the ancient times by sailors. The temple was built on the bank of Mahanadi. Previously, bells in the temple were used to alert the villagers against the storm and strong winds. Gradually, people came to know about this temple and the name spread and people started offering bells. This was known as lighthouse without lights.

Chipilima Hydro Power Plant is also situated there. Visitors also go there through a narrow bridge which is like an adventure. Walking through the bridge, people could see the beautiful meadows and dense forest views.

All these photographs are taken by Manas Ranjan Dash, a writer, lyricist, music composer, singer from Odisha who loves to travel and explore.

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