5 Oct 2018

Nirmal Jhara, Odisha - ନିର୍ମଳ ଝର

Nirmaljhara is renowned for Lord Vishnu and a beautiful water stream, which is situated near Khallikote (Odisha) and a distance of 60 to 70 km from Berhampur. This water stream name as Nirmaljhara flows out from an image of Lord Vishnu's feet. Over the year the beautiful stream has evolved as one of the famous tourist sport and pilgrim places. The Nirmala Jhara flows from the from the Badaghati Mountains in the Eastern Ghats.

Along with the Vishnu temple, there are several temples like Jagannatha, Bimala, Radhakrushna, Nilakantheswara, Ganesha, etc inside the campus area. According to the history, these temples are made by Balunkeswar Maharaj, the King of Khalikot in around 1700 AD.

Some days before, one of our friends, Jolly Bisoyi had visited this place and she had captured these beautiful clicks and also wrote this blog for us. 

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