Mayurbhanj Mudhi Mansa: Must try this on your Road Trip to Baripada

Mayurbhanj Mudhi Mansa Must try this if you going to Baripada by Road

Mayurbhanj is famous for its delicious Mudhi Mansa. And Mudhi Mansa is a typical Odia Cuisine you find on the north side of Odisha. Here is the delicious Mudhi Chicken from the Mayurbhanj Mudi Mansa stall.

Mudhi Chicken from the Roadside foodstalls in Baripada, Mayurbhanj, Odisha

This traditional dish is created with a sauce of chicken or mutton, onions chops, green chilies, and fresh coriander, as well as puffed rice (Mudhi).

Mudhi Mansa has made significant contributions to Mayurbhanj's history. People have a strong emotional attachment to this meal and are proud of Mudhi Mansa.

Baripada Mudhi Mansa The best Odia Cuisine

There are numerous stories related to the history of Baripada's Mudhi Mansa. Some believe it was a gift from the Mughals, while others believe it was discovered by the Kings of Mayurbhanj.

On a road trip to Baripada, you may find a number of small food stalls offering delicious Mudhi Mansa with thicker chicken or mutton gravy.

All these photographs are taken by Manas Muduli on his North Odisha Trip. You may follow him on Twitter @manas_muduli for quick and more updates.

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