Panchuka Purnima Celebration in COVID19 2020

Panchuka Purnima is one of the traditional Odia festivals celebrated in Odisha on Kartika Purnima in the month of November which is also known as Bhishma Panchaka or the Vaka Panchak.

Panchuka Purnima Celebration in COVID19 2020

Also, Panchaka (Odia: ପଞ୍ଚକ) is referred to as the last five days of the month of Karika. Kartika is the 7th month of the Odia calendar which is between October and November month according to the Georgian calendar.

Boita Banda Preparation and Small Paper boats to celebrate
(Photo: Manas Muduli)

In our Odia calendar, we celebrate this festival according to the tithi, that is from Purnima to Poornima. So, the month-end.

Big Boat for Boita Bandana in 2020
(Photo: Manas Muduli)

Kadali Patua Boita Bandana on Panchuka Purnima by Surajit Mishra
(Photo: Surajit Mishra)

This year, due to COVID19, the Govt. of Odisha advised people not to celebrate this festival in that grand way like previous years to avoid crowds.

Boita Banda utsav captured by Parsuram Sahoo

Boita Bandana and Kartika Purnima Osha Danga bhasa for panchaka by Aprita Singh
(Photo: Arpita Singh)

Still, people celebrate Boita Bandana and Danga Bhasa at different places by following the COVID guidelines.

Panchuka Purnima and Boita Bandana in COVID19
(Photo: Manas Muduli)

Kartika Danga Bhasa by Parsuram Sahoo
(Photo: Rarsuram Sahoo)

Some people couldn't go to the rivers, ponds and celebrate Boita Bandana at their home by floating boats on pot water.

Boita Banda and Danga bhasa at home from Durgapur Kolkatta by Dr Rashmi Ranjan Sahoo

On Kartika Purnima, people use to wake up early in the morning, and after freshen up, all use to worship the boats (made from paper, thermocol, banana stem) and float on the river, pond, etc.

Boita Bandana on Panchaka by Manas Muduli
(Photo: Manas Muduli)

Kadali Patua Danga Bhasa on Panchuka Purnima by Surajit Mishra

2020 Panchaka Purunima
(Photo: Manas Muduli)

After Danga Bhasa people also visit nearby temples to take the blessings of God. Apart from this, at some places, people organize a public gathering with a big boat and worship Radha Krishna there.

Kartika Purnima Osha and Boita Bandana Danga bhasa for panchaka
(Photo: Manas Muduli)

Kartika Purnima Osha and Boita Bandana Danga bhasa for panchaka on Mahanadi
(Photo: Manas Muduli)

Boita Bandana near Mahanadi
(Photo: Manas Muduli)

Kartika Purnima Osha and Boita Bandana Danga bhasa for panchaka
(Photo: Manas Muduli)

Mahanadi on Panchaka Purnima
(Photo: Manas Muduli)

Apart from Danga Bhasa, people use to make beautiful Rangoli or Murja designs near the Tulasi Chaura. Not on this day, from the past 5 days, people do these Muruja designs.

Tulasi Chaura Muruja purely handmade
(Photo: Manas Muduli)

From the starting of Kartika people in Odisha use to avoid non-veg food. It's believed that during these days, there are some poisonous things developed on the bodies, people usually don't eat these. Some people also eat Habisa Dalma these days.

Mayura design Muruja or Rangoli on Panchaka Purnima 2020

So, the next day of Panchaka, people use to eat those foods which they stopped eating for 30 days. This is called Chhadakhai. Though Chhadakhai is not a festival to celebrate, but people nowadays are celebrating it like a festival.

Boita Bandana at Home and Muruja or Rangoli by Pragyan Mohapatra

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