Chhadakhai 2023: Date, Photo, Status, Menu

Chhadakhai 2023 Date: 28 November, Tuesday. If you are not eating on Tuesday, shift it to the next day for 29th of November, i.e. Wednesday.

People of Odisha celebrate Panchaka and Kartika Masa without Non-veg items. The people believe that it is sinful to consume any non-veg food throughout the month of Kartika. And when the Panchaka is over on Kartika Purnima, people celebrate Chhadakhai (ଛାଡ଼ଖାଇ).

Chhadakhai is an Odia word that means we would eat those items, which they hadn't eaten in the previous 30 days during Kartika Masa. Actually, Chhadakhai is not a particular festival, it's a made-up festival by people.

We have collected some nonveg food items from various people who prepared for Chhadakhai.

* Saswat Debadatta bhai had designed the first titled photo for Chhadakhai.

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