How to make paddy flowers for manabasa?

Do you know how to make paddy flowers for Manabasa Gurubasa Osha? Here is our full instruction with the video on YouTube which would help you to make the Dhana Penda easily.

How to make paddy flowers for manabasa?

Manabasa Gurubara or Mānabasā Gurubāra (Odia: ମାଣବସା ଗୁରୁବାର ଓଷା) is a festival celebrated by Odia Hindus in the Indian state of Odisha. It is also celebrated by Odias living in Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, South Jharkhand, and South West Bengal.

Manabasa Gurubara Osha

In this festival Goddess Mahalaxmi is the presiding deity. It is believed by the people that the goddess herself comes to every household and removes pain and sorrow. It is held on every Thursday in the month of Margasira.

Manabasa Gurubara Jhoti

Manabasa is generated from the word Mana, which is a measurement unit in Odisha. On this day, people used to keep a Mana of paddy on a wooden stool and placed some other things and worship it. From this festival, the farmers bring the rice grains home.

This is believed that Goddess Lakshmi loves a clean house so all women make their houses clean and then make it beautiful with Jhoti Chita. It is believed that the most beautiful house in the village will be visited by Goddess Lakshmi and can get money and prosperity.

Manabasa Gurubara Jhoti in Village

Manabasa Gurubara Jhoti in Village

Here is the link to create Dhana Penda or Peddy Flower for Manabasa Gurubara Osha from Odia Guru Online.

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