Manabasa Gurubara 2023 Jhoti and rituals

Jhoti (Odiaଝୋଟି) is the traditional Odia art on the floor and walls, very popular in the rural areas. Jhoti involves line art using the traditional white coloured, semi-liquid paste of rice or pithau (ପିଠଉ). The fingers are used as brushes in this art form.

The Jhoti are drawn not merely with the intention of decorating the house, but also to establish a relationship between the mystical and the material, thus are highly symbolic and meaningful. Throughout the year, the women perform several rituals for the fulfilment of their desires. For each occasion, a specific motif is drawn on the floor or on the wall. For instance, during Manabasa Gurubara, in the month of Margasira according to Odia calender, a stack of paddy or rice sheaves is drawn on the walls structured like a pyramid. Also drawn different types of arts on the floor. Jhoti is considered as a means to attract goddess Lakshmi, hence prosperity into homes.

We had collected some photographs of Jhoti during Manabasa Gurubara from different parts of Odisha through our friends. 

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