19 Sep 2018

The Budhei Osha or the Budhi Bamana Osha (Odia: ବୁଧେଇ ଓଷା) is a festival celebrated in Odisha on every Wednesday in the month of Bhadrav or Bhadraba (Odia: ଭାଦ୍ରବ). This is celebrated in the month of August and September according to the Gorgerin calender. According to our Odia Tithi (one special type of Odia calculation) calculation, this Osha or Fast is celebrated in between Gamha Purnima and Indu Purnima
The women worship an idol of Maa Mangala. The idol is prepared using Turmeric and Water and given the shape of a human on a Curry Stone. Cowries are used to make the sense organs of the idol. This fast is kept for 4/5 Wednesdays by Women for their children in Odisha. According to another myth, this fast was kept to cure blindness and leprosy as well.

According to a myth a wine dealer’s wife was cured of her leprosy and a pregnant Brahmin woman had a safe delivery after pleasing the goddess through their fasts.

16 Sep 2018

Khudurukuni Osha (Odia: ଖୁଦୁରୁକୁଣି ଓଷା) is an Odia festival, also known as Bhalukuni Osha (Odia: ଭାଲୁକୁଣୀ ଓଷା) celebrated by unmarried girls. This festival is celebrated on every Sunday in the month of Bhadrav (Odia: ଭାଦ୍ରବ) which is in between August and September as per the Gorgerin calender. On this festival, the girls worship Maa Mangala (Odia: ମା' ମଙ୍ଗଳା) to protect their brothers. 

This festival started with a legend from Tapoi (Odia: ତଅପୋଇ), one sister of 7 Sadhabas (Sadhabas were ancient mariners from the Kalinga empire). Her brothers didn't return for 10 years, so she worshiped Maa Mangala to protect her brothers and they returned back. After that this festival started. 

Last Sunday, we had shared a small story with some Bhoga, this time we are sharing the idols of Maa Mangala for Khudurukuni Osha. These photos are shared by one of my friend named Pinkina Sahoo.

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9 Sep 2018

Odisha has various festivals being a state of cultures and traditions. One of those festivals is Khudurukuni Osha which is also known as Bhalukuni Osha. In this festival, young unmarried girls worship Goddess Mangala for the well-being of their brothers. But according to the book that reads as "Khudurukuni e atai, Jaha magiba taha pai".

This loosely translates to that "Goddess Khudurukuni can fulfill all your wishes". The book is a story of a young girl named Tapoi who was ill treated by her sisters-in-laws (except the youngest one) after her brothers traveled far for business. She started worshiping Maa Mangala and got out of all the troubles when her brothers came back.

This festival is celebrated every Sunday during the month of Bhadrab. This festival includes a recital of the book, offerings of various types of fruits, Rasi laddoos (sesame seed laddoos), sweetened puffed rice and lots of other prasads to the Goddess. May Maa Mangala bless you all with happiness and prosperity.

~ Jai Maa Mangala 🙏 ~

26 Aug 2018

Rakhi is basically a sacred thread of protection embellished with the love and affection of a sister for her brother. This day is also known as Raksha Bandhan and celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravana in India. This frail of a thread of Rakhi is considered as stronger than iron chains as it binds the most beautiful relationship in an inseparable bond of love and trust.

On the day of Rakhi, sisters prepare the pooja thali with Diya, roli, chawal, rakhi thread and sweets. Sisters tie Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers amid chanting of mantras, put roli and rice on his forehead and pray for his well-being. She bestows him with gifts and blessings. In turn, brothers also wish her a good life and pledge to take care of her. He gives her a return gift. The gift symbolizes the physical acceptance of her love, a reminder of their togetherness and his pledge...

11 Aug 2018

On the Chitalagi Amabashya, a special ritual is held at Shrimandir, Puri at Jagannath.

The forehead of the murti of Jagannath is adorned with a golden mark known as Chitta.
A special delicacy known as Chitau Pitha is prepared and Served to Trinity.

Women were serving Chitou Pitha on Arum leaf at pools or ponds to Aquatic animals (mainly to Snails🐌).
Their Beliefs is by doing this, Farmers never get any detriment from them (aquatics) during farming.

6 Aug 2018

Sri Sri Harisankar Devasthana(Odia: ଶ୍ରୀ ହରିଶଙ୍କର ମନ୍ଦିର), is a temple on the slopes of Gandhamardhan hills, Odisha in India. It is popular for its scenes of nature and connection to two Hindu lords, Vishnu and Shiva. As a holy place, along with a stream passing on the granite bed, it has given some visitors a feeling of peace. On the opposite side of the Gandhamardhan hills is the temple of Nrusinghanath.[1] The plateau between the two temples has been found to have ancient Buddhist ruins, which are considered to be remnants of the ancient Parimalgiri University.

Today, I got some snaps of Harisankar Temple by one of our friend, Soumya Ranjan Sahu.

* All these photos are captured by Soumya Ranjan Sahu

13 Jul 2018

Here are the photos of three carts or Ratha (Odia: ରଥ) from Puri Badadanda. Sorry, due to some problem we couldn't share the making photos. But you could check the Twitter Timeline of Biswanath Dash, he had shared all the photos from the beginning to till now. 

All the three Rathas are Ready for tomorrow and the Khaja (Odia: ଖଜା) are also ready for tomorrow. Thanks to Biswanth Dash for sharing these photos with us.

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