Badaghagara Waterfall: An Incredible Treasure in Odisha

Badaghagara Waterfall: An Incredible Treasure in Odisha

Badaghagara Waterfall (Odia: ବଡ଼ଘାଗରା ଜଳପ୍ରପାତ) is an Incredible gem of Odisha that offers a soul-stirring experience to every traveler who visits the Kendujhar district. It is a waterfall that is not only beautiful, but also rich in history, culture, and biodiversity. It is a waterfall that is worth visiting and admiring, as it showcases the natural beauty and diversity of Odisha.

Odisha is a state in eastern India that is known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse wildlife, and scenic beauty. Among its many attractions, there are some hidden gems that are waiting to be explored by adventurous travelers. One such gem is the Badaghagara Waterfall, a spectacular cascade of water that plunges from a height of 60 meters in the Keonjhar district of Odisha.

Location and Accessibility

Badaghagara Waterfall is located at a distance of 9 km from the district headquarters of Kendujhar, which is also known as Keonjhar. It is situated at a distance of 3 km downstream of another waterfall, Sanaghagara, which is also a popular tourist spot. A little river called the Machha Kandana falls 200 feet (60 meters) in one fall.

View of Badaghagara Waterfall

To reach Badaghagara Waterfall, one can take a bus or a taxi from Kendujhar town, which is well connected by road and rail to other major cities of Odisha and neighboring states. The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar, which is about 235 km away.

From the main road, one has to walk for about 1.5 km through a forest trail to reach the waterfall. The trail is well-marked and easy to follow, but it can be slippery and muddy during the rainy season. Alternatively, one can also opt for a trekking route that starts from Sanaghagara Waterfall and passes through the dense forest and hilly terrain to reach Badaghagara. The trekking route is about 4 km long and offers a thrilling and scenic experience for adventure lovers.

Bada Ghagara Waterfall of Keonjhar, Odisha

Attractions and Activities

Bada Ghagara Waterfall is a perennial waterfall that flows throughout the year, but it is especially impressive during the monsoon season when the water volume increases and creates a roaring sound that can be heard from a distance.

The waterfall forms a pool at the bottom, where visitors can enjoy a refreshing dip or a picnic. The surrounding area is covered with lush greenery and a variety of flora and fauna, making it a perfect place for nature lovers and photographers.

Badaghagara Waterfall Clicked by Sambit Dalai

Besides enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the waterfall, visitors can also explore the nearby attractions, such as the Baladevjew Temple, which is a 16th-century temple dedicated to Lord Balarama (Brother of Lord Krishna); the Shiv Temple and Siddha Matha, which are 14th-century temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Jagannath respectively and are major pilgrimage sites in Odisha; and the Khandadhar Waterfall, which is another stunning waterfall that drops from a height of 244 meters and is the 12th highest waterfall in India.

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