Top 5 Tourist Places of Odisha

If you're in Odisha, don't miss out on these top five tourist attractions. These sites will provide you with a memorable experience.

Top 5 Tourist Places of Odisha

Odisha is distinct in the fields of heritage culture, and tourism. There are several beautiful places to explore in Odisha, but here are my top 5 destinations that I loved the most:

  1. Koraput Valley
  2. Habalikhati Beach
  3. Rajhans Island
  4. Satkosia Gorge
  5. Similipal National Park

1. Koraput Valley:

Known as Odisha's "Heaven," the Koraput Valley is indeed a wonderland. Pictures don’t do justice to the beauty of Koraput, you must visit here to experience the same.

The Best View of Koraput Valley

The Best Place of Koraput Velly

The Green Scene of Koraput Velly

The Roads of Koraput

2. Habalikhati Beach:

Habalikhati Beach is one of Odisha's most beautiful beaches. Highly recommended if you love beaches away from the hustle and bustle, as well as a little adventure.

Habalikhati Nature Camp

Habalikhati Nature Camp, Bhitarakanika, Kendrapapra

Habalikhati Nature Camp, Bhitarakanika

3. Rajhans Island:

Rajhans island is approximately one hour by boat from Satapada. Chilika Lake borders the island on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other. It's like being in paradise. This environment is incredibly peaceful, tranquil, and lovely. Nature Camp may be reserved for overnight stays.

Birds inside Chilika Lake and Rajhans Island

Boating at Chilika Lake

4. Satkosia Gorge:

It is the location where the great Mahanadi River cuts through the eastern ghats (mountains)!! There are multiple nature camps in the area near Bhitarakanika where you may stay overnight and enjoy nature in its purest form.

Boat Ride at Satkosia Gorge

Satkosia Gorge

Sunset near Satkosia Gorge

The Beatiful view of Satkosia Gorge

5. Similipal National Park:

Similipal, which derives its name from the ‘Simul’ (Silk Cotton) tree, is a national park and a tiger reserve in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. It is a natural wonderland with several waterfalls. It is also known for having the most uncommon melanistic tigers.

Joranda Waterfall inside Similipal

Similipal Forest of Mayurabhanj, Odisha

The Best View of Similipal

The Joranda Waterfall inside Similipal National Forest, Odisha

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