The Famous Alu Bara of Cuttack

The Famous Alu Bara of Cuttack

Alu Bara (Odia: ଆଳୁ ବରା) of Cuttack is a delicious evening street food you may find super delicious and on a rainy evening, must try it.

Making of Alu Bara

There is a famous Aloo Bara stall in Buxi Bazar of Cuttack near the HDFC Bank. This shop is around 65 years old and the 3rd generation of the family is running this now.

People waiting to get Aloo Bara in Cuttack

The craze of this stall is still there, that's the reason for which one needs to wait a minimum of 15 minutes to get their Alu bara.

The Delicious Alu Bara of Cuttack shared by Manas Mudulin for evening snacks in the rainy day

The vast majority of the street food stalls in Cuttack serve in Khali-Patra (leaf plates), whereas, it’s mostly thermocol plates in Bhubaneswar.

The Famous Aloo Bara shop of Cuttack

People also call this Masala Bara, Biri chop, etc. But the owner has named it Alu Bara and they claim it to be unique. You would be served with hot Aloo Kasa with this on a thunga or dana.

How to reach?

You may follow the google map location as follows.

This blog is written by Sangram Keshari Senapati and all these photographs are taken by Manas Muduli. To reuse these photographs, you may need his permission.

About the Photographer:

Odia Traveler and food blogger Manas Muduli

Manas Kumar Muduli is an Odia Technical professional, and a foodie by his passion. He uses to travel to different destinations and loves to taste the good vibes and also the foods.

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