Raja Pana - ରଜ ପାନ

Pana or Khilipana (Odia: ପାନ or ଖିଲିପାନ), is considered another main thing of Raja Parba. Usually, people offer Pana after the meal in various occasions like Marriage, Thread Ceremony, etc. Some people also eat Pana after their meal, but some chewing it every time. 

Raja Pana Shared by Seenu Mohapatra
Related things to prepare Pana shared by Anand
A snap shared by Anand at time of preparing Pana.
Pana Shared by Anand
Mitha Pana shared by Lucy Puhana
Shared by Smruti Ranjan Sahoo
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Photo: Shakti
Raja Celebration at Capgemini, Bhubaneswar. Photo: Surajit Mishra
Shared by Barada Das
Photo: Barada Das

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