Awesome view of Mahanadi During Sunset

Mahanadi, the biggest river in Odisha, that's why it named so. Previously we have shared a photo blog of Mahanadi which was taken over Mahanadi Bridge. But today we got some snaps of Mahanadi river during sunset and those long bridges, clouds etc.

All these snaps are taken by Smruti Subhra. The 1st is describing the beautiful song "Jaare Bhasi Bhasi Jaa Nauka Mora Bhasija" by Akshaya Mohanty, the legendary music composer, singer, director from Odisha.

Every photo would describe different types of songs, not only in Odia but also in many languages. The ABCD film crew always demands that dance has no language, but we must say, beauty has no language. It's all up to us, how we take them and how we present them.

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