Gulugula- The love of Odias

Gulugula- The love of Odias

(Odia: ଗୁଲୁଗୁଲା), a special Odia cuisine dish which was popular some years ago. But the new style of foreign foods took the place of Gulgula nowadays. Still, some people also love this food.

Some years ago, people prefer this as breakfast. Since this food was available at a low price, this was loved by all types of people.

In those days, every food shop must have this food item on their desk, but now-a-days, we need to search for this item. Now, the desk is filled with Medu Bara, Samosa, Dahi Vada, Momos, Puri-Ghuguni, etc.

Gulugula or Bolder for Odia Breakfast

But some shops from the northern and coastal Odisha also prepare this item. Some new style foods might come to our society, but this food has its unique power. This food was prepared from semolina and sugar.

This photo was captured by Dr. Biswa Ranjan Kar, prepared at his home. We are thankful to him for this lovely and tasty photograph. 

Gulugula- The love of Odias

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