Chhenapoda Dibasa: A Day to Celebrate Odisha's Iconic Cheesecake

Chhenapoda Dibasa: A Day to Celebrate Odisha's Iconic Cheesecake

Chhenapoda Dibasa (ଛେନାପୋଡ଼ ଦିବସ) is a day dedicated to celebrate Chhenapoda, a delicious and unique cheesecake made with cottage cheese, sugar, and semolina, which is baked over a charcoal fire. Chhenapoda Dibasa is observed on April 11 every year, which coincides with the birth anniversary of Sudarshan Sahu, the inventor of this sweet dish.

Chhenapoda Dibasa (ଛେନାପୋଡ଼ ଦିବସ)

Sudarshan Sahu was a sweet maker from the Nayagarh district of Odisha, who accidentally discovered Chhenapoda in the early 20th century. He had some leftover cottage cheese from his shop, which he mixed with sugar and semolina and put it in an oven that was still hot from earlier use. The next morning, he found a caramelized and aromatic cake, which he named Chhenapoda, meaning roasted cheese.

Chhenapoda- The Best Dessert

Chhenapoda soon became popular among the locals and visitors, who loved its rich and smoky flavor. It also became a part of the offerings to Goddess Sarala at her temple in Jagatsinghpur district. Chhenapoda is now considered as one of the signature dishes of Odisha and is widely available across the state.

The Delicious Chhenapoda

On Chhenapoda Dibasa, people from different walks of life pay tribute to Sudarshan Sahu and his culinary legacy by preparing and savoring Chhenapoda at their homes or buying it from sweet shops. Various cultural and social organizations also organize events and competitions to promote and preserve this dish. Many people also demand a Geographical Indication (GI) tag for Chhenapoda, to protect its authenticity and identity.

Chhenapoda Dibasa is a day to celebrate the rich and diverse culinary heritage of Odisha. It is also a day to appreciate the creativity and innovation of Sudarshan Sahu, who gave the world a unique and delicious cheesecake.

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