Dhanu Muan or Ghee Muan (धनु मुआँ/ଧନୁ ମୁଆଁ)

Dhanu Muan is a delicious Odia food dish mostly popular in Odisha and has a special significance for Dhanu Sankranti in the month of Pausha. It's a crisp ball made of puffed rice and jaggery. Now people are making this with Sugar instead of Jaggery.

Dhanu Muan is written as धनु मुआँ in Devnagari script and as ଧନୁ ମୁଆଁ in Odia script. Pausha is the 9th Month according to Odia calendar and this month is mostly famous for the Dhanu Muan and in Odia, this month is also considered as Dhanu Month.

Ganjam district is much more famous for Dhanu Muan and people always love to have Dhanu Muan when they go there. During the month of Pusha, lots of open stores open to sell Dhanu Muan, but now-a-days, you may find such shops throughout the year.

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